Crystal Kwok

Lawyer/Trademark Attorney

Business Expertise

Crystal Kwok has 10 years of work experience as a foreign-related trademark attorney. Her field of expertise includes trademark application processes and examination criteria in multiple countries, so she knows how to handle common issues related to foreign trademarks, especially good at handling basic trademark operations and non-litigation cases in Europe, America, and Southeast Asian countries. Over her 10-year career, Crystal has been able to establish a vast international service network with intellectual property legal service agencies in more than 50 countries and regions. Furthermore, she has 5 years of work experience related to applying for and obtaining foreign patents, during which she has handled almost 500 overseas filing patent applications. Not only is she a heavily experienced foreign-related trademark attorney, but she is also a lawyer with a practice license and over three years of work experience in legal proceedings. She has been providing services concerning intellectual property protection, company law, and other legal services to domestic and foreign companies, enterprises and institutions.


French National Centre for Scientific Research, Kaunas University of Science and Technology, French Commission for Atomic and Alternative Energy, Novazvo Technology, University of France, National Institute of Health and Medical Research, National University of Rouen, University of Lorraine, Alsace Furniture Co., Sun Yat-sen University, AirAsia, Country Garden Group, China Communications Services International Co., Ltd., Hunan University, Zhongshan City, Fury Bathroom Equipment Co., Ltd., Guangdong Shunde Hasch refrigerator manufacturing Co., Ltd., and Guangzhou Hedong Electronics Co., Ltd.

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