Henry Yu

Patent Attorney

Business Expertise

Henry Yu has 5 years of work experience as a patent attorney, before which he spent 4 years in the field of technical research and development. Throughout his career, he has handled about 500 mechanical patent cases. He is proficient in text drafting of mechanical patent applications and is also an expert in responding to patent office actions, patent reexamination, and processing foreign patents.


Geely Group, Baida Precision, Yongqiang Shares, Xiling shares, CCCC Forth Harbor Engineering Co., Ltd., South China Normal University, Advanced Technology Research Institute, Guangzhou Chinese Academy of Sciences, Guangdong Institute of Intelligent Manufacturing, Taizhou Evok Machinery Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Zhongchen EPP Technology Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Chonson Beyond Ship Technology Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Dande Automation Technology Co., Ltd., Zhongshan Frae Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Tushan Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., and Guangzhou Bosma Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.

Education Background

Material Processing and Control Engineering


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