Luo Zhengxing

Senior Economist

Business Expertise

Zhengxing Luo is a senior expert with 30 years of experience in several industries, especially the internet. He is also a respected mentor and guidance counselor with his rich experience in guidance for over 100 enterprises. He is a special entrepreneurial mentor for both the Human Resources and the Social Security Department in Guangdong Province, an entrepreneurial and employment mentor for the Guangzhou Municipal Youth League Committee. Guangdong Provincial Science and Technology Department, the Ministry of People's Social Affairs, the provincial Communist Youth League, and the Guangzhou Nansha National Free Trade Zone are among the other organizations that Zhengxing has advised as a mentor or judge for individual entrepreneurial innovation projects over the years.


Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, China Mobile, Vanke, Op Lighting, Del Hui Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Little Chili Technology Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Carnival Foreign Trade City Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Baixing Cultural Development Co., Ltd., Tangshan Fenghua Technology Co., Ltd., Hangzhou Tianshuai Technology Co., Ltd., Wenzhou Guohong Communications Equipment Co., Ltd., Beijing Manjiafu Technology Development Co., Ltd., Chongqing Xingfu Telecom Co., Ltd., Jinrun Jia Technology Co., Ltd., Extraordinary Information Technology Co., Ltd., China Unicom Jiangxi Yichun Branch, and Jinjiang Forest Shijia Shoes Co., Ltd.

Education Background

Mechanical Design, International Finance


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